Welcome to our Murrell Family Genealogy blog!

We welcome you to our one-name study to help us determine relationships among the many lines of Murrells that can be found in the early years of this country. (The US for now- will hopefully ‘jump the pond’ one day soon.)

Like many one-name studies, this one has developed out of one question:

Who were the parents of Wiley Anderson Murrell?

“W. A.” as he was called, was born in Virginia (possibly West Virginia) in 1806, although some sources state 1805. We have nothing else on his life until the marriage bond between Wiley and the mother of his bride, Mary Magdalene Hontz/Honce/Honts in Botetourt County, Virginia on 9 April 1834. They were married 10 April 1834. The family, including children, migrated to Roseville, Swan Twp., Warren County, Illinois about 1853, and then used a covered wagon to carry the family to Mound Prairie Twp., Jasper County, Iowa, about 1868, where Wiley and Mary later died. We will have more details about this family in upcoming posts.


We hope to use this blog as a way to research other Murrell families, put our research out there for others, and hopefully help us find cousins who may have another piece of the puzzle. We have a number of Murrell descendants who have taken autosomal DNA tests, and are currently in process with a Y-DNA test for one of our direct-line males- possibly the last in that particular line. The autosomal DNA has us looking at a wide range of possibilities for Wiley’s parents, but no definitive proof yet. Maybe getting our research down in black and white- er, pixels??- will help us to better see connections, , or eliminate them.

So, are you a Murrell descendant? We would love to have you add a post about your own family; if that is too much, just send us a note through a comment on a post, or use our “Contact Us” form. We are optimistic that someone out there, or a DNA test, will give us the answer to “Who were the parents of Wiley Anderson Murrell?”



The header picture of lovely old book was taken by Moyan Bren in Prague. He kindly shares it with a CC by 2.0 license. (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/) It has not been modified in any way except by cropping. Thank you, Moyan!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to our Murrell Family Genealogy blog!

  1. I am interested, as you are, in sorting out our Virginia Murrell lines. I have had my Y-DNA tested at the 67 marker level and published in familytreedna.com (FTDNA) for several years and begged other Murrell-surnamed folks (males) to do the same. I have been extremely disappointed in the absence of other contributors to the Murrell Project on FTDNA. The price of the test may be hampering others from beconingcontribuors.

    My Murrell line comes out of Dinwiddie and Brunswick counties of Virginia in the 1740 to 1826 time frame.
    If your direct line has a Y-DNA test submitted to FTDNA, I would be interested in knowing that. I am confident we can improve our knowledge of Murrell lines in VA in the pre-Revolutionary War period via DNA, but we need more tests.
    I can be reached at garymurrell at yahoo dot com.
    == Gary Murrell ==

    1. Gary- Thanks again for reading, as I said in my email to you.

      The Y-DNA test from our Murrell line should be processed in the next month or so, and we will keep you updated.

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